Fishing Tackle
This site is mainly concerned with fishing the outer reefs in the Coral Sea. Typically this is done on extend charters and involves fishing from a mother ship, as well as small 4m dories. There are too many fishing techniques for me to mention them all, so I will stick to what I know best. Which is trolling and bottom fishing.

Trolling is driving around in a boat, dragging lures behind it. We do this to catch fish such as Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin. But we never name names.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is sitting in a boat, with a line and some bait in the water. This is usually done to target delicious reef species such as Trout and Emporer.

Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is what makes your bags weigh so much. You need this to go trolling or bottom fishing. It is also something to play with between fishing trips.


This is all the gadgets we take with us, supposedly to make our life easier. It is also handy to have a GPS and a map, so you know where you are.

Disclaimer: Anything I have written on this web site, I most likely believed it to be true at the time. Things do happen and I learn something new every time I go fishing. I don't always update the site though.

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